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Digital Education Series: Understanding Facebook & Instagram

YOUR GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM POSTS, ADS, & ANALYTICS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Are you ready to learn some tips and tricks for maximizing your Business Page?  When it comes to social media, specifically Facebook & Instagram, you may be asking yourself the same questions as others… “When is the best time to post?” “How often […]

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Digital Education Series: Google Analytics Guide to Your Reports

5 REPORTS THAT WILL TRANSFORM YOUR MARKETING DATA Google Analytics is a website tracking tool.  It adds a small snippet of code that is placed on all pages of a website and gathers detailed statistics about a website’s traffic, traffic sources, measures conversions and sales. Learning how to use the data from your Google Analytics […]

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How Accurate is your Geo-Fencing and Visit Tracking?

One of the most popular products that Bay Area Digital Solutions offers is Mobile Conquesting.  It is also one of the more advanced and sophisticated products because of all the shiny bells and whistles that it offers. With Mobile Conquesting, we can target consumers by online behaviors (people who have shown specific behaviors online or […]

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Can I Do Digital Advertising for Cannabis?

For years we have been trying to navigate through the restrictions and limited targeting when it came to digital advertising for the cannabis industry. There are now a wealth of targeting options available that we offer, including Native Ads, Display Ads and Video Ads . Do you want to reach people who are marijuana legalization […]

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When should you Geo-Target and when should you Geo-Fence and what is the difference?

There are several “geo” terms in digital advertising, and it can be complicated to determine which option is best for your campaign. With so many opportunities and choices it is important to understand the differences. First let’s define our “Geo” terms: Geo-Targeting (Geographic Targeting):  all digital ads are geographically targeted meaning we serve ads to […]

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Social Media: When should you DIY and when should you enlist a digital expert?

There are absolutely times in life it is more cost effective to “Do it yourself.”  Before taking on a DIY project, consider if  you have three T’s, meaning do I have the tools, the training and the time. If all signs point to yes, go for it! All three must be in place and it is always important […]

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Digital media is on the rise for 2019, are you ready?

Digital spending was up 21.9% in 2018 and is forecasted to grow an additional 18% in 2019. Digital continues to climb, as consumer habits have changed and more activity is happening online and on mobile devices. The ability to speak to people where they are, with targeting messaging continues to get more sophisticated. Traditional media […]