Digital Education Series: Google Analytics Guide to Your Reports


Google Analytics is a website tracking tool.  It adds a small snippet of code that is placed on all pages of a website and gathers detailed statistics about a website’s traffic, traffic sources, measures conversions and sales.

Learning how to use the data from your Google Analytics allows you to understand your customer better, what attracts them to your website, and how you can use the data to better market to new potential customers & clients.

There are 5 Reports we recommend you become familiar with:

  1. AUDIENCE OVERVIEW REPORT – This report gives you basic information about a website’s performance and traffic.  Within the Audience Overview Report, there are a few key stats you want to look into: USERS (how many unique visitors came to the website over the period of time you selected); NEW USERS (the number of visitors who came to the website for the first time); SESSIONS (how many times the website was visited); NUMBER OF SESSIONS PER USER (the average number of Sessions initiated by a User); PAGEVIEWS (the total number of pages viewed); PAGES/SESSION (average number of pages viewed during a Session); AVERAGE SESSION DURATION (average amount of time a person is on your site); BOUNCE RATE (how many people looked at one page and left); % OF NEW SESSIONS (what percent of visitors were new versus returning visitors)
  2. AUDIENCE BENCHMARKING CHANNELS REPORT – You can use this report to show how your website traffic compares to other’s in the same type of business, and where that traffic to your website is coming from – called “channel” (i.e. search engines, social, other websites, etc.)
  3. PAGES REPORT – This report gives you information about a specific webpage’s traffic and that page is performing
  4. AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS OVERVIEW REPORT – This report will give you information about the demographic makeup of visitors coming to your website
  5. AUDIENCE INTEREST OVERVIEW REPORT – Of these people coming to your website, what other interests and/or websites do they have interest in as well

Click here to view the recorded webinar from our Digital Education Series hosted Tuesday, April 21, 2020

We understand that you may have many more questions on how to implement this data into your marketing.  We are available to walk you through your Google Analytics, help you get a better understanding of how your website is functioning, who your visitors are and where they are coming from.

Thank you and we are here to be a partner with you, and to help with all of your digital marketing.