Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook & Instagram advertisings shows your display or video ads across all devices on Facebook and Instagram and on any of the Facebook advertising platforms.

Facebook continues to be the most used Social Platform across the major demos.

Our FACEBOOK PREMIUM targeting allows you to reach your ideal customer with your advertising across Facebook, Instagram, and their other owned properties, including premier partner apps.

When advertising across the entire Facebook family of apps, conversion rates are higher than only being exposed to placement on Facebook alone.

Your advertising is delivered not only across Facebook & Instagram News Feeds, but also in FB & IG Stories, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Search, and Facebook Audience Network.

We run a combination of ads to engage with your audience. These include single image and carousel ads, collection ads, event response ads, and lead ads.

Are you taking advantage of ALL advertising placement with Facebook & Instagram?
Are you optimizing your advertising to show your ads to the people most likely to engage with you?
Do you have the time to manage your campaigns?
We do everything for you AND continue to optimize and maximize your social media campaigns to deliver a strong return on your investment!