Google Pay-Per-Click

Showing your text ads on the Google Search Engine Results Page when a user searches keywords related to your business, across all devices.

How Does it Work?

  • You can choose from 3 types of Google search ads: Responsive, Dynamic or Call ads.
  • You can choose “ad extensions” which enable you to convey more information to searchers and expand your ad size.
  • We can track conversions based on the ad extensions you select for your ad such as phone calls completed and in-depth reporting metrics.

Here are the three types of Google Pay-Per-Click Ads:

  1. Responsive Ad – Google updates the ad text based on what it thinks will perform best, mixing and matching from the multiple headlines and descriptions we provide. You are given a keyword list to approve. This is now Google’s default for PPC ads.
  2. Dynamic Ad – We create the descriptions, and Google creates the headline and chooses the landing page URL that is displayed in the ad, based on content from your website. It serves ads when a user searches a keyword or phrase related to the titles and phrases frequently used on your website. No keyword list is generated for you to approve.
  3. Call Ad – These are designed to encourage people to call your business (rather than go to your website) and appear only on devices that make phone calls. When a potential customer clicks your ad, the ad places a call to your business from their device. You are given a keyword list to approve.