Get more leads by engaging your prospects with a chat box and text-to-chat on your website.

Your Live Chat feature will be staffed by LIVE agents available to engage with potential customers 24/7!

Trained agents with knowledge of your company get lead information.
New leads are emailed to you in real time, with the full transcription of the chat or text conversation.
You’re only charged for the lead if the agent has gathered:

  • the visitor’s name
  • contact information (email or phone)
  • what the visitor is looking for is something you offer
  • the person is within your target geographic area

Call Connect. If you want this option, during your business hours, once the agents gather the lead info, visitors will be asked if they want to be connected immediately to talk on the phone with your business.

If you have multiple locations, the agent will ask which location they would like to be connected to.

Spanish speaking options for chat and text available.

Top reason why people prefer a live chat option:

  1. “I get my questions answered immediately” 79%
  2. “Because I can multi-task” 51%
  3. “Most efficient communication method” 46%

42% of chat leads come outside of normal business hours

Live Chat can only be purchased in conjunction with a digital campaign and is disabled when the digital campaign ends.