Native display and video ads go across all devices and match the look, feel and context of the website or app where they are seen, using targeting strategies.

According to research conducted by Time Inc:

  • 90% of younger internet audience (Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X) prefer personalized content, including native ads, to traditional forms of advertising.
  • 93% of the audience said that they appreciate brands that invest effort into creating something unique to draw their attention.
  • 56% of the audience said that they prefer brands that communicate value rather than trying to aggressively sell their product.
  • Therefore, landing pages have to be content oriented and display valuable information about the product and/or service they are advertising but also explain how the product is used or can benefit the user.

People found native ads are 62% easier to understand than display ads.
Native ads are more trusted (31%) than social ads.

Your ads could be any of hundreds of formats depending on the device and website or app where it appears. It’s created in real time to match the format of where it is appearing.

Why Are Native Ads So Effective? 

People see banner display ads using the right hemisphere of the brain…
but they read Native ads, because they are embedded in content, which requires using both hemispheres of the brain.

This results in higher engagement, recall and influence!